Medical Legal

Dr. Meier has served as a medical-legal consultant for many years specializing in amputation issues, limb dysfunction, burns and spinal cord injury. His current focus is the many needs of persons with loss of extremities, with an emphasis on arm amputation.


Patient Services

At the Amputee Services of America, all services an amputee needs for comprehensive rehabilitation are housed in one building in Denver, Colorado. Our team of amputation rehabilitation specialists has years of experience working with arm and leg amputees using the most contemporary prosthetics and rehabilitation techniques to achieve ideal function and emotional well-being.


Life Care Planning

Dr. Meier has been involved with Life Care Planning since before it was recognized as a distinct area of need for persons with catastrophic disability. His current practice focuses on the needs of persons with amputations and associated issues since loss of a limb(s) creates lifelong need for healthcare and other services.


Robert H. Meier III, MD

Dr. Meier is a physiatrist who has worked with over 3500 children and adults who have sustained an amputation of one or more limbs over the past 40 years of his rehabilitation medical practice. He works with the team and the amputee to develop rehabilitation treatment goals, to prescribe a prosthesis, to manage pain and to measure the functional outcomes that should be expected for the individual amputee. Dr. Meier is quite experienced in dealing with pain issues often present in the amputee and works with the amputee to resolve problematic pain.

Dr. Meier is also involved with life care planning for persons with amputation, burns and neurologic injury. He actively participates in the teaching of Life Care Planners and in their summit meetings for education and development of the field of Life Care Planning.

Pain Management

Most amputees should not have pain that interferes with the quality of their life. There certainly can be pain in the immediate post-operative period but this should respond well to oral medication and subside within three to four weeks after the amputation surgery. This pain is separate and usually treated differently than phantom pain. Phantom pain needs specific medication and careful follow-up so it does not become longer lasting. We use a team approach to pain management with many different modalities, not just medication.

Physician Management

Dr. Meier provides acute and long term management of amputation related issues. He is involved with all aspects of rehabilitation care, not just providing a prosthesis. He us very concerned about the emotional adaptation to sustaining an amputation, return to function in the family and community and return to work, when this is anticipated.


The types of prosthesis that are available have changed greatly in the past five years. Matching what is available to the needs and interests of the patient is a service which Dr. Meier and his team address directly through teamwork. As many options as possible for prosthetic restoration are provided to the amputee and the effort required in use of the prosthesis is explained.

Occupational Therapy

OT is an invaluable therapy provided for both upper and lower extremity amputees. While OT often focuses on arm and upper body issues, OT in our setting also fccuses on body posture, achieving desired activities of daily living, pain. Management, driving and return to work.

Physical Therapy

PT in our setting focuses on mobility skills, total body conditioning, balance training,pain management and prosthetic training. Achieving the best walking function is also desirable but we focus on much more than just walking. PT also explains how to achieve the desired level of function and the approximate time to achieve this function.


The emotional adaptation to amputation is often the most important thing our team can work towards. We do this with input from psychology and social work counseling and include the family, when appropriate. Dr. Meier can also be involved with medication management for achieving emotional stability.

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