Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Physician - Dr. Meier has worked with over 3500 children and adults who have sustained the amputation of one or more limbs over the past 40 years of his rehabilitation medical practice. He works with the team and the amputee to develop rehabilitation treatment goals, to prescribe a prosthesis, to manage pain and to measure the functional outcomes that should be expected for the individual amputee.

Occupational Therapy - Is provided at the P/SL Medical Center by therapists with extensive experience in training unilateral and bilateral amputees in the use of body powered and myoelectric prosthetic arms. Their focus is on the use of the body, with and without prostheses, to achieve the idealized level of funtion desired by the amputee. In addition, OT will focus on equipment that will make life easier at home and in the workplace.

Physical Therapy - Is provided at the P/SL Medical Center by therapists who focus on total body function, not just the most appropriate use of a leg prosthesis. These elements usually include aerobic conditioning, exercise education, PT will also focus on the use of the remaining limbs to maximize function when a prosthesis is not worn.

Gait Analysis - Emphasis on gait (walking) that is as close to normal as possible using a prosthetic leg is our goal. We work on correcting posture, providing the most comfortable and state of the arm prosthesis, aerobic conditioning and careful attention to training while walking with the prosthesis. We have the latest physical conditioning equipment and an in ground swimming pool to enhance the endurance of the amputee who wishes to walk normally.

Psychology - Our psychologist is experienced in individual and group counseling for persons who are adjusting the changes in body image and function following amputation. The emotional adaptation following an amputation is the most important aspect of amputation rehabilitation and is a major focus of our program for all our amputees.

Prosthetist - We work with selected prosthetists and prosthetic labs in the Denver metro area to assure the best possible prosthetic fabrication using state of the art components and socket designs. Our prosthetists are recognized experts on the most contemporary prosthetic fabrication and fitting. The prosthetists with whom we work are also present at the team meetings for the persons for whom they are making prostheses. The prosthetic prescription is developed with input from the amputee and all of our team members.

C Legs - We have significant experience in prescribing, fabricating and training persons with an above knee amputation in the use of the “C” leg and other microprocessor artificial knees. We combine knee technology with the most appropriate foot to make walking as easy and functional as possible.

Cosmetic Arms - Many persons with partial hand amputations or loss of the hand and the arm wish to have excellent cosmetic restoration of the part that is lost. We work with an extraordinary group of prosthetists who provide superior quality cosmetic fingers, hands and arms.

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